Ten reasons why you should consider cryonics through CSA

Just to be clear, CSA does not handle suspensions or storage.  This will still need to be paid for separately to the professional organizations like Stasis Systems Australia, Alcor or Cryonics Institute, at the time of your suspension.  CSA will coordinate all your initial requirements, including an appropriate life insurance policy, so that your ongoing costs to enable you to make these and other payments, at the time of your suspension, will be about the cost of a cup of take-away coffee a day.  CSA will charge a fee to set all this up.  We project it to be from $1,500 to $4,500, depending on your requirements.

Okay, first question I would ask, “Isn’t a fee of  $1,500 to $4,500 a lot of money just to set up a life insurance policy?”

It is a lot of money!  But for the amount of work involved, it’s worth it.  We are trying to make cryonics accessible and easy for all interested.

Here is a basic outline of what we will do.  You could do all this yourself, but it can be time consuming, complex and in some cases much more expensive. We have standardized processes to handle the details. We will be using standard templates to average the costs of doing this over many clients and, as a result, keeping the cost per client low.

We will:

  1. Organize affordable life insurance with a secure life insurance company that accepts a third party beneficiary.  Doing this yourself without the expert contacts is very difficult.
  2. Complete all the administrative requirements with the cryonics service provider.  The US providers have complex requirements.  Many pages of legal paperwork.  You also need to coordinate with them and confirm your life insurance details.  We have close contact with these providers and experience in their requirements.
  3. Ensure that everything is done “by the book” legally with all the appropriate consent forms.
  4. Set up your requirements with the overseas providers so you may switch at a later date, if you wish, to use Stasis Systems Australia when they are available.
  5. Coordinate setting up a long term trust with reputable secure organizations so you will have funds in the future.  CSA has not yet finished this, but the cost so far is running at about $20,000 and still counting.   It is a very expensive exercise to do by yourself.
  6. Set you up so that you will not lose your funds should you not be revived.  They will go to a charity of your choice or a future relative.
  7. If you stay with us over the longer term, then we will advise you on what you can do in your older age when life insurance becomes unaffordable.  There are many options and we have access to professionals who can help to keep things affordable.
  8. If your suspension is with an overseas provider, we can coordinate the transportation and limited standby required.  Also, we can coordinate the Australian and US legal issues of you being transported to the US.
  9. Provide support to your family in their time of grief through compassionate explanations of the processes involved; coordinate a respectful memorial service, should they need it; and organize professional counseling, again, should they need it.
  10. For our fee of $1,500 to $4,500 we will organize your cryonic suspension and future funds in such a way so that your ongoing costs will only be about the cost of a cup of take-away coffee a day.

Regards,  Peter T

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