2013/2014 Developing preliminary Long Term Trust requirements
April 2014 Aaron Drake, Alcor’s Medical Response Director, Training Visit
May 2014 Visit to Alcor and Cryonics Institute
March 2015 Development of template cryonics plans
July 2016 Visit to UK Cryonics
October 2016 Assembling standby and transportation equipment – purchased Lucas 2 chest compressor
November 2017 Finalised equipment for US capability through CryoPath
January 2018 Very Long Term Trusts finalised for putting aside funds for future reanimation.  Will be subject of Blog
February 2018 CryoPath now has capability to handle secure vitrification to US, with essentially no distance risk
July 2019 Finalized Long Term Trusts capability
2020 Animal tests for CryoPath perfusion techniques and training