Your funds are not lost if not revived


Before you are suspended you choose a time period after which you do not want to be revived.  You alsopt heart offer1 copy choose either specific or general descendents or charities.  We will discuss this carefully with you and make sure your wishes are properly and legally recorded.

If, at that future time you have chosen, medical science cannot revive you, your accumulated funds are passed to your descendents or to your charity.  Also, if social conditions make it impossible to revive you, your funds will again be passed to your descendents or your charities.

For example, if you choose 50 years and are not revived, an estimated $700,000 is passed to your descendents or charity.  If you choose 100 years then an estimated $11,000,000 is passed.  This amount is an estimate of what will be available from a conservative investment of funds obtained from that one take-away coffee a day.

The simple calculator may be used to estimate how much will be passed on to your chosen recipients at the future time period you may chose.  It also calculates the amount after allowance for inflation effects.