What would I look like?

Breath a quick sigh of relief.

The below pictures are not what you will look like.

This is a bit of fun.

Have you ever thought what you may like to look like if you could be younger and perhaps more attractive.   This morphing site gives you a chance to see what you may look like.

Now you can have a laugh with one of the founders of Cryonics Services Australia.

I now look like this Morphed with Robert Downey Jr Morphed with Johnny Depp

Me Morphed

Please try it yourself.  It is fun and gets you thinking of what may be possible in the future.

And it does have a serious sideWhen you sign-up for cryonic suspension we may need information of the appearance and body you want at your revival. It may just be a healthy, younger you.  You will need to decide. 

Of course, at sign-up time we will do this more professionally than the bit of fun we are having here.