Background to Cryonic Services Australia

Now a little more about CSA.  When we started looking at what it takes to secure a future cryonic suspension in Australia, a range of questions quickly came up.  Is it affordable?  How do I do it?  Which cryonics provider is right for me?  How do I organize life insurance?  What happens when I can no longer obtain life insurance? What are the estate planning implications?  What do I actually have to administratively do?  What documentation do I need and how do I complete it?  What are the international implications should I choose an overseas cryonics provider? How do I have funds for the time when I am revived?   And a host of other complicated questions.

We decided that we needed a “one stop” doorway to eliminate these complexities.  For a nominal fee, CSA would do this. The idea is that CSA will standardize all these requirements and, in doing so, spread the cost over all our clients keeping the total cost per client low.  We believe we can achieve it.  For organizing and coordinating a standard package of documentation, agreements with the cryonics suspension organizations, life insurance, trust set up, some estate planning, and some basic legal work we believe we can keep our fee between $1,500 to $4,500 depending on your requirements.  Additionally, although it is not our primary role, we would also have the resourcing and capability to handle a client’s extra requirements, if desired.

You can get an idea from this web site what we are trying to do with CSA.  I should add that CSA will not only be there to supply clients for Stasis Systems Australia, but we also have the capability of organizing your suspension with the overseas US organizations, such as Alcor and Cryonics Institute.  This can be a stop gap measure until Stasis Systems Australia is up and running, or some clients may decide that the overseas facilities may be more suited to their needs because of their proven long history.

Regards,  Peter T

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