About Us

We are very interested in cryonics and want to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.  We have seen that cryonics is not well understood and sometimes, even if you have a strong interest, quite complex to set up.

We established Cryonics Services Australia Pty Ltd to provide a one-stop doorway to make it easy for you to have that chance for a wonderful future.  Our team includes Peter Tsolakides from Stasis Systems Australia Ltd., the non profit organization building the first cryonics facility in Australia.

We will organize and coordinate financing solutions, arrangements with the cryonics organization (e.g. Cryonics Institute in the US) of your choosing, estate planning, long term trusts, legal advice, and other administrative requirements by use of our streamlined template services and access to a wide range of professionals.  We know it all sounds complicated, but we have, after consultation with experts, standardized the procedures so it is all easy to understand and most importantly, affordable.  Our aim is to do this so that your ongoing costs, until the time of your suspension, are about the cost of one take-away coffee a day.  These ongoing costs are mainly for your financial arrangements, such as life insurance.

Yes, there is an upfront fee for us to do this.  Depending on your requirements, it will be in the range of $1,500 to $3,500.  It sounds like a lot of money, but there is a lot for us to do.  Have a look at our blog piece “Ten reasons why you should consider cryonics through CSA” showing what this amount covers and why we believe it is worthwhile.

If you need extra advice due to a special situation, we will organize that too.

Please contact us.