Our Offer

Co-ordination of all your cryonics administrative, legal, and financial needs, including insurance, so that you are completely set up with an established cryonics organisation. 


For a typical person the total cost is $600 to set up and about $600 per year.  That’s it!   It’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.  It buys you the chance to live as long as you want and be financially secure.

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A chance to wake up in the future using advanced medicine with a young, healthy body.

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You will have a sound financial start.   In 150 years you are estimated to have about $153 million.  Ok, ok we know what about inflation?  That’s about $2 million after inflation.

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You don’t lose those funds if you are not revived. You decide a time period after which you do not wish to be revived, say 200 years.   If you are not revived by that very long time, your funds are passed to your nominated charity.

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And, we will provide professional support for your family, should it be needed, at the time of your suspension.



Cryonics is the preservation of the human body, after legal death, at cryogenic temperatures (less than −150°C) in the expectation that future medical technology will be able to repair the damage of aging, the cryonics processes, and disease thereby restoring the patient to health.