What will the future be like?

What the future will bring is anyone’s guess.  We can look at some trends to see what things may be like.  Some you know already, but some may be surprising.

Average Person Living in Western Society
Food Availability Subsistence living Limited variation in diet Ample nutritional food varieties
Your Job Peasant/serf doing grueling work Heavy labor job in factory Wide opportunities
Education Illiterate Very basic Wide opportunities
Medical Care Almost non existent Some, but much superstition based Scientific based and available to all
Life Expectancy 25-40 years 40-55 years 80+ years
Maybe neighboring town/village Maybe neighboring country Anywhere in the world feasible
Homicides a year per 100,000 25-50 4-10 1-2
Access to food and goods from around the world
Only the Sun King, Louis XIV, richest man in the world Only the very rich Widely available

Have a look at how things have changed, mostly for the better, even in your own lifetime  or even this site showing key indicators of world development.

These are the trends.  We’ll leave it to you to form an opinion of what the future may be like.