The Facts

Cryonics is the scientific process of suspending patients after legal death until advanced medicine has the capability to revive them.  There are no guarantees, but the chance is considered by many scientists reasonable and it is certainly better than the alternative of death.

In a signed letter, here is what 62 distinguished scientists said about cryonics:

“Cryonics is a legitimate science-based endeavor …
…a credible possibility that cryonics performed under the best conditions achievable today can preserve sufficient neurological information to permit eventual restoration of a person to full health…”

See the complete text of what they signed.

Another good place to check is  the MIT Technology Review article The Science Surrounding Cryonics.

Peter, along with other members of the Stasis Systems Australia team, have been interviewed on Channel 7 “Sunrise”, Channel 10 “The Project”, Channel 9 “Weekend Today”, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and Brisbane Times in addition to other media coverage.   These were not commercials!  They were interested in what we are doing and requested our appearance in these programs and newspapers.