How much will I have?

As well as a suspension, that cup of coffee a day buys you funds of about $50,000 to conservatively invest with an independent established trust organization.Australian_banknotes copy

The funds are available to provide you a financial start in the future at the time of your potential revival.

Conservatively, the basic amounts accumulated are estimated at $11,000,000 in 100 years or $153,000,000 in 150 years.  In today’s money, allowing for estimated inflation, this is $600,000 in 100 years and $2,000,000 in 150 years.  Of course if you invest more you will have more.  Have a look at a simple calculator to get an idea of what you may have in the future for a conservative forecast, a moderate figure based on historical returns, and a more optimistic investment outlook.  Also, you will see amounts after inflation.

And please always remember the funds are not lost should you not be revived.