Guideline plan for seniors

In Australia, after about age 70, life insurance, the usual method of financing cryonics, is not readily available.  Accordingly, plans for cryonic suspensions need to be more specifically tailored to the individuals situation.  It is however, still possible to obtain a cost effective suspension with the right arrangements.

This brief summary by Cryonics Services Australia (CSA) provides some of the considerations that need to be addressed.  Just to recap, the role of CSA is not to provide these services, but it is to provide coordination and guidance as regards cryonic requirements.  In effect, like “one stop shopping”.   The final recommendations and arrangements are provided by qualified experts.

Cryonics Facility and Standby/Transportation:

  • The choices are for this post life insurance age group are essentially like those choices for most age groups
  • However, because of age, there may be a need for more emphasis on what is immediately available with less flexibility for future change
  • Immediate options include Alcor (US), Cryonics Institute (US), with the option soon of Stasis Systems Australia(Southern Cryonics).  Neutral Archives Foundation (although not fully cryonics) may be an option too.

Financing of arrangements:

  • Critically important for this age group, because life insurance is not practical or readily affordable
  • Many other affordable options are available, but must be specific to a person’s situation
  • These include: funeral insurance, superannuation, estate planning, joint accounts, reverse mortgages, fixed asset to cash management, loans, Stasis Systems Australia Full Membership, and others

Other considerations that may become more important in this age group are the setting up of very long term trusts to make funds available after potential revival in the future.

Let me know if you would like a free plan set up for your specific situation.


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