Cryonics standby responsibilities

I am getting close to finishing the standby and transportation processes, which have been drawn heavily from the practical work done by Alcor, CI and the UK cryonics organization.  I have however, restructured the material to be consistent with our setup and requirements in Australia.  The below is a snapshot of part of the manual to give you a feel of the methodical approach I am taking.  You will note that each of the participants has some level of involvement.  There are four key roles however, for handling the standby and the transportation.  These are the Cryonics Coordinator, the Local Non professional, the Local Professional and the Central Professional.

Each will have a carefully defined role and will have the training to perform that role.  I am working on that now.  Please note that some of these services may not be available at all locations.   For example, there may not be a Local Non professional in your area.  The below plan does have secondary coverage for this.

A bigger problem is that you may live in a remote area.  There is no simple coverage for this.  I know this sounds drastic, but I would recommend being in an area that can be better administered.  Talk to CSA about how well your location may be serviced.

“Hey Peter,” you may say to me, “There is an awful lot here to try to remember”.  “How can anyone do all this, especially when they may be ill or be depending on family to get it done?”

You do not have to remember any of this.  If you have made formal pre-arrangements with CSA, all you or your representative need to do is call the CSA Cryonics Coordinator.  Everything will swing into motion.  There may be other groups that may be able to offer this service too.

It’s like everything in cryonics though.  If you leave it all to the last minute, nothing gets done.  You have to have made those pre-arrangements.   CSA’s role is to make all easy.   To do all this there are costs, mainly to the funeral homes, which CSA can assist is explaining how you can provide for these.   I outlined all this in a previous blog on standby/transportation costs. 

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