A cup of coffee a day

PT coffee cup1 copyThe cost of a cup of take-away coffee a day buys you a financial product such as a life insurance policy from an established insurance company.   The policy is taken out over several years until needed for your cryonic suspension.  The payout  from this policy at the time of your suspension covers the cost of your suspension and provides funds to be invested securely for the future.

For instance, suppose in your case, allowing for some inflation, it costs $150,000 for your cryonics suspension and future fund provision.  To cover this requirement, we would organize for you a life insurance policy with an established insurance company for a guaranteed payout of $150,000.  For a non-smoker male in their early fifties the life insurance premium would cost below $600 a year, which is well within our target cost of a cup of take away coffee a day.  At a future time, when you require it for your suspension, the payout from this policy would cover your costs.

This is only a broad example to give you an idea of what is possible.  Your actual situation will determine the more exact amounts.  We coordinate all these financial arrangements through professionals in each area.

A life insurance policy is only one of many financial vehicles that we can organize for the cost of a cup of take-away coffee a day.  For example, later in life these life insurance policies become prohibitively expensive.  At that time we can organize a different type of financial arrangement for you, still trying to keep the overall cost to that of a cup of take-away coffee a day.

And please remember these funds are not lost should you not be revived in the future.