Dec 20

General background

First, let me say that this site, other than the blog, is not yet live.  While this site is still a work in progress, you are welcome to look at it to get an idea of where we are heading.  Also, please feel free to make any comments or seek any information you wish.

I would like to try, in this blog series, to give an idea of our thoughts behind forming Cryonics Services Australia and the journey we are traveling in developing this organization.  Peter Tsolakides, a director of CSA, is also associated with Cryonics Services Australia (CSA) are also associated with Stasis Systems Australia, the organization working to build the first cryonics facility in Australia.

I think it is important to understand at the outset that we are a group that has a vital interest in cryonics and in cryonics’ success.  We also believe that the more people participating in cryonics results in  increased levels of research and scientific/medical advances in fields important to cryonics.  Some of the more obvious advances include longevity due to medical advances and reversal of aging processes; curing major diseases; biological nanotechnology; improved suspension techniques; tissue cloning; and cell rejuvenation.

Before getting into some of the details, let me briefly explain the difference between what Stasis Systems Australia will do and what Cryonics Services Australia will do.

Stasis Systems Australia Ltd. is a non profit organization working towards building the first cryonics facility in Australia.  When built, Stasis Systems Australia will have the professional capability to handle cryonic suspensions and storage.  At the same time when we developed the idea for Stasis Systems Australia, we thought it would be very useful to provide a “one-stop” capability to allow clients to more readily participate in cryonics.  That is what Cryonics Service Australia Pty Ltd (CSA) will do.  It would handle marketing and coordinate all the financial, legal, and administrative requirements associated with cryonics.  CSA is a more commercial activity and has been set up as a for profit organization.  The different structures of Stasis Systems Australia and CSA allow them to each develop their own expertise and best pursue their objectives in the environment they operate.

Regards,  Peter T